MANUEL moved from Peru to Florida to follow his dream of becoming an architect. His parents and older sister, with our two nieces Camila and Ariana, live a close drive away from the beach in Florida. Family is important to us. Luckily, we can visit and call them all the time. Manuel was born in Lima, Peru. He likes to work out, swim, and enjoys cooking at home. Manuel cannot wait to draw, color books, teach Spanish and build sand castles.

Dirk loves Manuel's generous heart and determination. He is trustworthy and hard-working. He brings peace to the house, and likes keeping us in bed for an extra hour!

Zodiac sign: Libra - Favorite Food: Chinese Food & Oreo McFlurry - Favorite TV Series: The Kardashians - Cartoon: The Flintstones - Bedtime Story: The Magic School Bus.

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DIRK is from the Netherlands. He grew up with his younger sister, Jolanda. He loves to ride his bicycle, eat Dutch cheese and stroopwafel cookies. His work as business consultant is flexible, and he visits family regularly. He likes to run outdoors, ski, eat home-cooked food, and decorate the house with flowers. Dirk cannot wait to teach your child how to ride a bike and ski down a slope, and make school projects fun.

Manuel loves Dirk's kind soul and admires that he is always willing to help others. He has a positive personality and a funny sense of humor. He is joyful all the time. 

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn - Favorite Food: Home-cooked - Favorite TV Series: Modern Family - Cartoon: Sesame Street & The Little Mermaid - Bedtime Story: The Smurfs

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Benito is a 4 year old “sausage” dog with the face of a puppy. He is the sweetest dog we could have ever wished for. He is very affectionate, social and friendly. He joins us on family visits. He is playful with our nieces and other kids in the building. His favorite activities are sleeping and sun bathing.

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